In order of appearance: Roman Mars of 99% Invisible; Al Letson of State of the Re:Union/Reveal; Alix Spiegel of NPR/Invisibilia: Daniel Alarcon of Radio Ambulante; Annie McEwen an independent radio producer and Transom Story Workshop graduate; Stephanie Foo of This American Life; Tobin Low of Marketplace and Transom Story Workshop graduate; Ann Heppermann an independent radio producer; Zoe Chace of NPR/Planet Money; Dave Isay of StoryCorps

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December, 2014

Dear Transom Users,

We launched almost fourteen years ago to open street level doors to public broadcasting, and, like public broadcasting, we made it free to everyone. In the years since, we received the first Peabody Award ever given to a website. We have ushered in new talent and programming that’s now embedded throughout the public radio system. We’ve started an intensive workshop to train new producers here on Cape Cod. And, every week, we premiere useful and inspiring features on everything from how to tell a story to which microphone to buy.

Transom has not accepted underwriting or advertising, so we turn to you: The people who use Transom and love it. We’re counting on that love to keep us going. You can watch the new video above for Proof of Love.

If you use Transom, or just value it, go ahead and FUND IT. We run on a very small budget, but we do a lot with a little. We hope you feel it’s worth your support, because, Dear Readers, Transom is for you. There are two ways to help us:

GENERAL TRANSOM SUPPORT: These funds will be used to pay for new features, new shows, new tool reviews from Jeff (including a Guide to Podcasting), and new Manifestos. For instance, in 2015 we have Manifestos lined up from Sarah Koenig & Julie Snyder, Tom Voegeli, Alex Chadwick, and many others. You can help us do more. To make a donation for general Transom support, see below.

TRANSOM STORY WORKSHOP SCHOLARSHIP: We’re creating a fund to support those who have been unable to afford the workshop, with an emphasis on building racial diversity in the program. Our goal is to launch the fund with $20,000 yearly. Our friends and alumni are solidly behind this and, with your donations we’re going to make it happen. To make a donation to the Story Workshop Scholarship Fund, click here.

Try ‘em both!

– Jay Allison

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Kind Words About Transom

I can honestly say that Radiolab would not be Radiolab without Transom. Early on, before the show was even an idea – actually before I even knew how to work my tape recorder – I found Transom. And Transom poisoned my brain with the utterly dumb idea to commit myself to radio, mind body and soul. And in the way that recombinant DNA is just the past in a new order, my radio self emerged as a synthesis of those ideas I read on Transom. This is still the case. Whenever I’m shit out of ideas, which is often, I visit Transom.
– Jad Abumrad, Co-host, Radiolab

Thanks, Transom…There is no other comparable resource. The love you all give is so warmly received and immensely appreciated. Globally.
– Transom user from Australia

It’s rare for me to go a week without recommending to some starry-eyed person who wants to make radio. They ask me “How do I do this? How do I get to do what you do?” and I’m incredibly grateful I can say there’s this place where they can go on the Internet. We need a place like that. This is a project that deserves support, that has a vital and useful mission. We need Transom.
– Ira Glass, Host This American Life