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Jay Allison
Citizen Storytelling & Community Building

Jay Allison has been involved with both since the early days. You can read more about his chronic dedication to citizen storytelling in The Transom Review.

A small hinged window above a door, allowing light and ventilation into hallways of older buildings. At magazine and newspaper offices, unsolicited manuscripts were submitted “over the transom.”

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Transom.org channels new work and voices to public radio and public media. We offer tools, advice, and community. We focus on the power of story and the ways public media can be useful in a changing media environment. Learn about how Transom works and how you can submit your work for consideration …more»

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Learn about the people at Atlantic Public Media, as well as other contributors, who produce the Transom.org Website …more»

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Read the Editor’s Letter and learn what’s happening on the site right now, projects we’re working on, and what has happened since the beginning …more»


Some stories that inspire, instigate, and incite the creative audio impulses …more»

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