Online Workshop 0.3: Photo

January 27th, 2014

Our beta seven-week Transom Online Workshop has 35 learners on six continents. (Feel free to look and listen at their Facebook Group). We’re proud to present a few of our favorite works from their first Assignment 1: Photo Interview:

  1. Using a pen, some paper, and a camera interview seven strangers by asking the question: “What are you afraid of?” Write down what they say. Ask follow-up questions. Try to find a story with a beginning, middle, and end.
  2. Take the person’s photo.
  3. Choose the most interesting interview and edit it down to three sentences, arranged in this order: beginning, middle, and end.

Photographs and text by TOW-ers: Mark Bernstein, Carly Nix, Samuel Okocha, Nina Packebush, Alexander Salazar, Anna Samuels, Jessica Ticktin, Mia Warren.

The TOW Mentor is Scott Carrier, author, photographer, professor, and radio producer. Thanks to the Knight Prototype Fund for support.

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