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Michael May deserves a medal. Michael was the first guest recorded live in front of an audience for HowSound. He should get a medal for graciously being my guinea pig and making it easy for me.

A few years ago, Michael produced a story for The World set in India. It posed some real challenges for him including a sticky journalistic dilemma. Micheal reveals the whole backstory to “Death of a Bangalore Law Student” on this edition of the podcast.

Michael May reads his pitch for the story "Death of a Bangalore Law Student." Photo by Neena Pathak
Michael May reads his pitch for the story “Death of a Bangalore Law Student.” Photo by Neena Pathak

However, not only will you get to hear Michael’s backstory, I also pull the curtain back on how this episode was produced. It’s not very flattering, I must say.

I ‘m sending a million thanks to the good folks at AIR (The Association of Independents on Radio) and the Boston radio listening group, The Sonic Soiree,  who hosted the live HowSound event. They provided a great space, lots of delicious food, and a warm and casual environment for the three dozen radio producers who attended.

With this live HowSound under my belt, I am SO ready to host a couple more episodes at the upcoming Third Coast International Audio Festival, November 7-9 in Chicago. I’ll chat with winners from this year’s competition. I hope you’ll stop by, listen, and ask questions. See ya there!


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