The New New Sheriff in Town

Listen to “The New New Sheriff in Town”

ATTENTION: Please wear headphones for this HowSound. They’re mandatory. Put them on now.

Ira Glass once said of Jad Abumrad “There’s a new sheriff in town.” Is Kathy Tu the new, new sheriff? Clearly, it’s much too early to say, but take a listen to Kathy’s story on this edition of HowSound and you may ask yourself that very question.

The story is called “The Fighter Pilot” and it’s only the second story Kathy has ever produced (both stories were produced at the Fall 2013 Transom Story Workshop). She estimates she cut, mixed, and assembled sound design elements for “The Fighter Pilot” for seven hours — per minute of the six and a half minute story!

What’s even more impressive is that Kathy is a lawyer by training. In fact, she takes her bar exams soon. While I wish her luck, I sure hope she follows her ears and pursues her passion for radio.


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