Story Workshop Fall 2013: In Session

October 8th, 2013
photo of Story Workshop class Fall 2013

Transom Story Workshop Fall 2013

Update: It’s official. We’ve sent nine more Transom Story Workshop graduates out into the world to make radio. Congratulations class of Fall 2013! Look for a feature highlighting their work right here on Transom in early December.

Update: Week Eight. Students turn in their second pieces Monday afternoon. On Tuesday the class and Transom crew will be taking a field trip to the PRX offices in Cambridge MA and then to one of the Moth’s live storytelling events. For those who can, please join us for a public listening event on Thursday, November 21st at 7:00 at the Community Hall in Woods Hole to celebrate the accomplishments of the students from the Fall 2013 Transom Story Workshop. For the many of you who can’t make it, we’ll create a Transom feature soon.

Update: Week Six. It’s a big week here in Woods Hole. This American Life’s Ira Glass was in residence for a couple of days. Having dinner with the Workshop crew on Sunday night and sitting in on the edits of second stories all day Monday. Students are working on scripts for their second stories. On Thursday, AIR’s Sue Schardt and Erin Mishkin will Skype in as guests. On Saturday, Decode DC’s Andrea Seabrook is coming back (hooray!) and will take student’s first post-Transom pitches for pieces. And – get this – Transom Jeff’s Towne will be here too to help students make their work sound sweet and to talk gear. It’s like radio heaven! No wait. It IS radio heaven.

Fall 2013 students are totally tweeting (#radiostory) TSW:

Update: Week Five. Rolf Brandrud from Radiodays Europe joined the students as a guest for dinner on Sunday night. First drafts of Creative Life pieces are due on Monday afternoon. On Tuesday, students will spend the day thinking like a photographer under the guidance of shooter, Amanda Kowalski. Tuesday night, Amanda and audio producer, Samantha Broun will talk about the multimedia work they do as SoundLight Media. And on Thursday, Transom’s Viki Merrick will join the class as a guest during lunch. Radio, radio, radio!

Update: Week Four. This week students are editing and reediting and reediting scripts for their first pieces. On Thursday, they will do a live read with Jay Allison. On Wednesday night, Rob and Sarah will talk with the students about life after the Workshop (there IS life after the Workshop). This coming weekend, students will voice their first pieces with Viki Merrick. Onward!

Update: Week Three. Week three and students are working on focus sentences and scenes for their first stories. A first draft of a script is due on Wednesday. On Tuesday, radio producer and filmmaker Bianca Giaever as well as web storyteller and Cowbird founder, Jonathan Harris will share their work and wisdom with the students. Later this week, Transom’s Jay Allison will join the class to discuss Sonic IDs.

Update: Week Two. Week one was a resounding success. On Friday, students played their promos and vox pops for each other at the end-of-audio-boot-camp listening session. This week, students will jump into field work spending two days collecting tape for their first stories. All the while researching ideas for their second pieces. Busy, busy! This weekend Decode DC’s Andrea Seabrook joins the class to talk about writing for radio. And web producer, Jonathan Harris will talk about developing the website Cowbird and more.

Update: Week One. It’s week one at Transom Story Workshop. Boot camp week. Students are learning how to use their recording gear, acquainting themselves with Hindenburg, producing vox pops and promos. Oh, and pitching their first stories to Jay Allison as well as doing voicing work with Viki Merrick, both of Atlantic Public Media. WCAI’s Sean Corcoran will be a Guest this week. Talking with the students about reporting on the Cape and Islands.

Welcome to the In Session notes for the Transom Story Workshop: an eight-week-long training for beginning radio producers. The fall 2013 Workshop started on September 30th and will run until November 21st when there will be a public listening event – to which you are all invited (details to come). Rob Rosenthal is the lead teacher for the Workshop along with associate teacher Sarah P. Reynolds.

The nine students in this class come from all over the world. They are living together in housing we found for them right in the village of Woods Hole (with water views!). They share meals together twice a week.

At the end of the eight weeks, they will leave with a portfolio of pieces, audio editing software, and a well-practiced set of skills in interviewing, story-building, writing, editing, and mixing on digital audio workstations, along with connections in the radio world.

Guest speakers will join the students throughout the eight weeks including: WCAI’s duPont-Columbia Award-winning reporter, Sean Corcoran; Atlantic Public Media’s Jay Allison and Viki Merrick; Andrea Seabrook of Decode DC; web producer and founder of Cowbird, Jonathan Harris; multimedia producers Samantha Broun and Amanda Kowalski of SoundLight Media; This American Life’s Ira Glass; Transom’s Tool Guy, Jeff Towne; independent radio producer, Ari Daniel; as well as AIR’s Sue Schardt and John Barth from The Public Radio Exchange.

We will update this page from time to time with news from the Workshop. You can follow the student’s Twitter posts (hashtag #radiostory), check out images we upload to Flickr, and post your own comments and questions below. You can also follow us on Facebook.

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