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“We Were Promised Jetpacks”: that’s not only the name of a band, but also the embodiment of unfulfilled futurism. However, we WordPress users have been enjoying our Jetpacks since 2011.

The Jetpack plugin has an engine full of stats, spellcheckers, social shares, shortcodes, and other tricked-out technologies. The latest model has souped-up the stock WordPress Gallery — i.e., columns of thumbnail images with links that launch a pop-up full-screen Carousel exhibition.

So let’s take Jetpack 2.1 out for a spin. We’ve filled it up with some Scott Carrier photos. And we’re gonna need some tunes… how about:

Gallery Type: Tiles

This first new Jetpack-fueled gallery-view piles your pictures into a rectangular mosaic, with hover-over captions (click/touch any image to start the Carousel):

Gallery Type: Circles

Another display option rounds off image edges to construct a circular grid. This gallery below doubles as a How-to Create Your Own Gallery, so launch and learn:

Gallery How-To (Jetpack Style)

Most of what you need to create galleries shows up as part of WordPress’ Add Media screens, including drag-and-drop gallery photo ordering. Here’s a how-to on getting your own Jetpack Tiled Galleries into gear. Start by launching the gallery above, then follow these steps below (and read the linked manuals):

Gallery Type: Slideshows

That’s right, slideshows, another new Jetpack image option:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Many thanks to Scott Carrier of Prisoner of Zion — the title of his upcoming book — for the photos above, taken in Temple Square, Salt Lake City. Scott Carrier (and Jesus) photo by Julian Condona.

Tech Note: Width

The width of your gallery or slideshow is set by your theme, using the global variable called “content_width” — the same one that determines the width of oEmbeds (like videos). If your theme doesn’t define this var, then a default width of 500px applies. For those comfortable with code, you can set it yourself in your theme’s Functions File; e.g., Transom has a:

if ( ! isset( $content_width ) )
	$content_width = 790;

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