Transom Twenty Twelve

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Twelve months of Transom in a six minute Meograph:

We assembled clips from some of this year’s favorite Transom features then loaded them into this new multimedia manufacturing machine called Meograph, Four-dimensional storytelling:

“Meograph helps [you] easily create, watch, and share interactive stories. Our first product combines maps, timeline, links, and multimedia to tell stories in context of where and when.”

Want to try your own 4D Tall Tale Telling? Before heading over, you’ll save time by locating all the elements you might use: images, links, locations, dates, video (must be at YouTube), and audio files — each “moment” in the Meograph can have any or all of these.

You can record your own narration or upload audio clips. You can add an image or insert a YouTube video (specifying start/stop times if you only want an excerpt). The help files are sparse, but the tool is pretty intuitive.

And thanks for visiting Transom in 2012, You’re not alone: one-million page-views this year. Transom 2013 will be even better.

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