Transom Donor Fund Winners 2012

December 5th, 2012
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For the second year in a row, we asked for support and many of you sent in donations. Thank you. Transom operates on a thin budget, but we’ve always offered payment for the SHOWS we feature. Thanks to you, the Transom Donor Fund allows us to pay more for the next few SHOWS (still public radio scale, but a good rate for a website). We hope to help some talented producers finish their pet projects and give them a first home.

Transom Donor Fund recipients will get small grants and editorial help. All the work will appear on Transom throughout 2013. Congratulations go to:

The Core: The Core is a series of podcasts launched by a teenage group of podcasters working with Open Orchard Productions. Transom editorial staff will work with the podcasters on several upcoming episodes.

William Dahlberg: who will be producing a story about the effect on his small hometown of Newbury, Vermont, of a murder that’s gone unsolved for fifty years.

Erin Davis: for Play Free or Die: The New Spirit of Adventure Playgrounds. Erin describes her project as a radio piece with multimedia extras that asks the “what” and the “why” about places where old tires and dumpster-dived detritus take the place of swing sets and sliding boards.

Andrew Forsthoefel: On October 14, 2011 Andrew walked out the backdoor of his home in southeastern Pennsylvania and began a cross-country sojourn on foot in search of stories. He will be producing an hour-long radio piece which will include some of the highlights of his trip.

Mary Helen Miller: for the completion of a radio documentary about a mixed race group in Appalachian Tennessee. You can listen to the completed piece here.

Lauren Ober: production and editorial support for a story about a quest to find meaning in life after your life has been saved at the cost of someone else’s.

Thanks to everyone who applied—we wish we had more money—and thanks to our donors who made this possible. Look for these stories soon on Transom. You can see the 2011 Transom Donor Fund recipients here.

Interested in donating to the next round of the Transom Donor Fund? Here’s how.

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