Dear Craigslist: I Have A Small Swastika Tattoo and I Want It Off

“I have a small swastika tattoo on my left arm that I want to have covered up.” From Bruce Roderick’s Craigslist ad. (Photo by Emily Hsiao)
Listen to “Dear Craigslist: I Have A Small Swastika Tattoo and I Want It Off”

Here’s what I want to know: On the radio, why don’t we hear more conversations with interesting people? Not newsmakers, not academics, not pundits, not authors…. interesting as they may be. I’m thinking of people telling stories about what journalist Walter Harrington calls “the momentous events of everyday life.”

Emily Hsiao’s radio story, “Leaving A Mark,” is just that. On the face of it, the story is a simple conversation between Emily and Bruce Roderick. But, there is SO much more going on.  In fact, you should listen twice.

As you listen, keep in mind, this is Emily’s second story ever. Her first, and this one, were both produced at the Transom Story Workshop this fall. If we don’t hear more stories from Emily — and soon — I will personally hunt her down, put a mic in her hand, and make her start interviewing strangers. Her interview with Bruce is THAT good.

Best, Rob

PS – “Leaving A Mark” is not for the feint of heart, even after I beeped all the expletives.


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  • Edgar



    Poignant story. Bruce’s honesty and humanity are touching. I heard it first on This American Life and came here to ask a question.

    Was Bruce ever able to have his tattoo covered?

    • Bruce Roderick



      Hi, I’m bruce the idiot with the tattoo. Yes I did finally get it covered, I just had a friend of from the can blacked it out. So it’s no longer on my arm. I felt a relief with it gone. Thanks for asking, Emily is quiet the girl and I imagine she’ll go far in life.

  • Joe



    Bruce, what are you doing now with your life?

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