Story Workshop Fall 2011: In Session

October 14th, 2011
Transom Story Workshop Fall 2011

Transom Story Workshop Fall 2011

Update: It’s official. We now have nine Transom Story Workshop alumni. Look out radio, here they come. If you’re interested in applying for our next Transom Story Workshop – for beginning radio producers – you can find more infomation here. Application deadline is January 2nd.

Update: Week Seven The final week! Ira Glass – who was snowed-in in Wyoming – Skyped into class Monday morning. Students got to ask him questions and pitch him story ideas. This week, they are finishing up their second pieces and revisiting their first in preparation for the public listening event on Friday, November 18th here in Woods Hole. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating their work. Oh, and Ira Glass’ public talk will now take place on Sunday, November 20th at 4 p.m. All tickets for the 13th will be honored. For refunds, please contact Eight Cousins Bookstore at 508-548-5548.

Update: Event Our pilot Transom Story Workshop is going so well, that we’ve decided to do it again in the spring: April 2nd – May 25th. Master radio instructor Rob Rosenthal will run the 8-week program for nine beginning producers. We’re accepting applications now. More infomation here.

Update: Event  Join us for a public listening event on Friday, November 18th at 7:00 at the Community Hall in Woods Hole to celebrate the work of Transom Story Workshop students. It’s free. The listening event will precede a brief graduation ceremony and the public is urged to join us in applauding Transom Story Workshop’s first graduating class.  More infomation here.

Update: Week Six

Students spent the weekend with Transom Tool guy, Jeff Towne. Jeff sat with each student one-on-one, reviewing their Hindenburg sessions and giving tips on how to best mix their pieces. At dinner Sunday night, Jeff spoke to the group about sweetening sound – reviewing filters and compression – and he talked about what gear to buy. On Tuesday night dinner guests will include, PRX’s John Barth and independent producer, Ari Daniel Shapiro. Otherwise, students are focused on getting their second pieces done in time for November 18th’s graduation and listening event. We’ll post more info about that event here soon.

Update: Sidebar

The Transom Story Workshop students share some of what they’ve learned so far in a Transom Sidebar.

Update: Week Five

Over the weekend, Transom’s Viki Merrick worked with TSWer’s one-on-one to voice their first piece.  Students have been working on mixing those pieces and will play them for each other in Monday’s class. In the meantime, they have started to collect tape for their second stories. Guests this week include Patrice Schneider of The Media Development Loan Fund, a mission-driven investment fund for independent news outlets in countries with a history of media oppression and Sue Schardt who runs The Association of Independents in Radio. Check out the best Halloween costume ever in the Flickr feed below.

Update: Event

This American Life’s Ira Glass is coming up to Woods Hole, Massachusetts to teach a class at the Transom Story Workshop. He’ll be doing an event at 4pm on Sunday, November 13th, and the public is invited. You can find more details here.

Update: Week Four

Students are in the thick of it now. This week, they will do a live read of their first piece for Jay Allison. Not only are they busy honing those scripts, they are also finalizing ideas for their second pieces. Tonight at dinner the focus will be the deceivingly difficult task of making Sonic IDs – WCAI’s short, interstitial station ID breaks made with voices of people from the listening area. Look for new photos and recent Tweets below.

Update: Week Three

The focus this week is writing, writing, writing. Scripts, host intros, ledes. Students are collecting tape for their first stories, thinking about scenes and story structure & talking about ideas for their second stories. Richard Fidler – host of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s show Conversations and Pam O’Brien – Senior Producer of Conversations - joined students for dinner on Sunday night and sat in on Monday’s class. Photo below.


This fall, Transom launched the very first Transom Story Workshop: a seven-week-long pilot session for beginning radio producers. The Workshop started on October 3rd and will run until November 18th when there will be a public listening event – to which you are all invited.

The nine students range in age from early twenties to sixties. They come from as nearby as Boston and as far away as Australia. They are living together in housing we found for them right in the village of Woods Hole (with water views!). They share meals together three times a week.

At the end of the seven weeks, they will leave with a portfolio of pieces, audio editing software, and a well-practised set of skills in interviewing, story-building, writing, editing, and mixing on digital audio workstations, along with connections in the radio world.

Fall 2011 students are totally tweeting (#radiostory) TSW:

Guest speakers will join the students throughout the seven weeks including NPR’s foreign correspondent Kelly McEvers, duPont-Columbia Award-winning reporter Sean Corcoran, AIR’s Sue Schardt, PRX’s John Barth, and This American Life’s, Ira Glass.

We will update this page from time to time with news from the Workshop. You can follow the student’s Twitter (hashtag #radiostory), check out images we upload to Flickr, and post your own comments and questions below.

If you’re wondering if we’ll be doing this again in the Spring, all signs point to yes. We’ll announce it here on Transom when it’s official.

If you’d like to receive an email about upcoming Workshop and deadlines, please write to us at

Flickr photostream for transomradio:

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  • Mary K. Melrose says:

    What about those of us who don’t Twitter and don’t Flickr but are loving relatives of a participant? Can you put photos and/or audios on a website or can the students do that?
    Do editors prefer “near by” to “nearby” and “through out” to “throughout”?
    Thank you.

  • sam says:

    Hi Mary -

    No need to navigate Twitter or Flickr. You’ll be able to see feeds from both right on this page.

    In fact, we added some new photos this morning.

    Keep checking here for updates.

    – Sam

    p.s. And thanks for pointing out “nearby” and “throughout.” All fixed now.

  • Luc-Rock says:

    Do you know when the public listening event will take place exactly (day, time, duration)? I’d love to know to see whether it would be feasible for me to attend. Thanks!

  • sam says:

    The listening event will be in the evening on Friday, November 18th at the Community Hall in Woods Hole. We haven’t confirmed the start time yet but it will likely be 7ish.

  • Luc-Rock says:

    Thanks for the info! Will it also be available to stream online for people who can’t attend?

  • Could you also present your listening event in the afternoon for those of us who live at a distance and need daylight for driving?

  • Mark says:

    As one of the previous people asked; will there be any opportunity for people who live too far away (Russia for example) to hear the projects created by this first workshop graduating class?
    In addition to being very interesting for others to listen to, it would also help some make a decision on signing up for a future workshop.

  • sam says:

    Hi Mark -

    Yes! We’ll be sure to make student work available as soon as we can for anyone to hear. We’re working out the details now.

    — Sam

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